Bed Bugs Control

Bed Bug

Some insects can only be a nuisance while some even can tear down a property over time. But the scariest among them is the one which feeds on blood specifically from humans—bed bug. Once in contact with human flesh, bed bugs pierce the skin and suck out blood through its elongated beak for three to 10 minutes until they are full. Creepy as they may be, bed bugs do not spread diseases. However, they are still pests that need to be eliminated, intervening with normal human activities.

Having bed bugs doesn’t mean a sign of unclean environment since they can easily be transported from one place to another undetected. Bed bugs thrive in beds, headboards, used couches, luggage, windows, door borders, floor gaps, wall hangings, loosened wallpaper, cracks in plasters, electrical boxes and other items. Households can even wander in the house unknowingly until they wake up having itchy skin and with welts. If not exterminated, bed bugs can scatter from one room to another, hiding in protected areas and spreading its population over time.

It takes a skilled and experienced bed bug exterminator to get rid of all bed bugs infesting in your house or commercial business areas. By ensuring proper identification of the pests, appropriate treatment protocols will then be administered. A thorough inspection of the area is to be done to locate bed bugs and more importantly their infesting sites. Once detected, cleaning efforts such as vacuuming, laundering, scrubbing of the mattress, and repairing damaged wallpapers and cracks in plasters should be done in coordination with the owner.

Are you bothered by the bed bugs? Who wouldn’t be worried when you can’t have a normal sound sleep? If you think you have uninvited guests lurking in your bedroom or somewhere in your house that bite you, maybe it’s time to act now. If you can’t take their ruling anymore, then let’s start our bed bug extermination service! Our licensed and skilled pest control technician and trained staff have extensive experience for years in identifying and properly getting rid of bed bugs. Do not be swayed off by people who say that bed bugs can be eliminated by spraying alone! For a bunch of elusive blood-sucking parasite, multiple approaches should be done. Rest assured that we’re going to eliminate the cause and never going to cause even a single distraction in your property. We’re here to protect your well-being and your property. You can count on that.

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