Effective Ways on Bed Bug Removal

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Endless bites on body, anxiety, psychological effect and restlessness are just among the drawbacks of having bed bug infestation in a home. No one will want to suffer the consequences of having those little critters around in their own dwelling. As we all know, bed bugs are one of the most elusive and resilient pests that are wreaking havoc in men’s life. Though bed bug removal is challenging, it is never impossible to perform. To help you win the battle against those silent bloodsuckers, be informed of the following effective ways on bed bug removal.

Integrated Pest Management

IPM is an effective, efficient and natural process of pest management. It is by far the recommended method for exterminating pests, eliminating the risk for property damage, and health and environment negative effects. By utilizing the knowledge about the life cycle of the pest and its relation to humans, bed bug removal can be done with minimal participation from the homeowners. IPM has a comprehensive strategy for bed bug removal that includes non-chemical methods and pesticides. Hire a licensed, insured and reliable exterminator in your area to conduct IPM in your home or even commercial establishment. A professional exterminator has the extensive knowledge and skills to efficiently conduct bed bug removal. Moreover, re-infestation is prevented to occur.


Aside from the harm to human and pet health, pesticide approach often needs multiple visits to the affected place. In some cases, it isn’t the best method to do since bed bugs have developed high resistance to pesticides over the years. Also, this approach can cause bed bug dispersal to neighboring places. However, newer chemicals were integrated to pesticide approach nowadays in which bed bugs haven’t developed genetic resistance.

Heat Treatments

Though bed bugs can live in a wide range of temperature, they cannot survive high temperatures. Apparently, steam treatment is an effective way to kill all stages of bed bugs. The temperature should reach 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit for some period. Thorough steaming should be done on infected areas such as mattress, box spring, carpet, curtains, bed covers and pillows. For infested clothes and bed covers, wash them in hot water with detergent. Set the dryer at high heat and let the things be dried for 20 minutes.

Cold Treatment

Freezing temperature can also kill invading bed bugs. Cold treatment is ideal for stuff that can’t be treated by heat or chemicals. Put down your freezer to -23 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Leave the stuff inside for four to five days. The bigger your stuff is the longer it will take to be frozen.

Take note that bed bug removal takes time and patience. It is the biology of bed bugs that makes it difficult to eliminate since they can grow in numbers easily and their eggs can withstand some pest control methods, both from chemical and non-chemical.

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