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Having wood floors, furniture, walls and roofs is a major investment to protect. But with carpenter ants around, you surely won’t be glad they hang around in your home. Out in the forest where they belong, carpenter ants thrive in moist wood such as fallen rotten trees, tree roots or stumps or even buried trees in the ground. Carpenter ant is one of the most widespread pests throughout Northern United States. For homeowners situated in New Jersey, there is only one which can straighten things out and eliminate unwanted carpenter ants from your wooden structures—Eco Pro Pest Control.

Just as what their name connotes, carpenter ants build galleries and tunnels for a colony of the same kind. Contrary to what termites do, carpenter ants chew the wood away to give room for the queen’s eggs. They make themselves at home by creating their entire colony in moistened wooden structures. Letting them do their own businesses will not only cost you your property, but also will give you more troublesome in the long run.

Getting down to the cause of carpenter ants infestation is a crucial step to its extermination. Do you ever hear noises created by grinding jaws of not-so-small carpenter ants out of fear and disturbance as a way of sending off warning to their fellow kinds? You may hear them in your ceilings, beneath wood floors, in attics and between cracks of the walls. Do not put off the signs of carpenter ants settling and building neighborhood at the expense of your hard-earned property.

Imagine how your expensive wood floors, structures, roofs or walls would look like when carpenter ants gnaw away every portion, leaving only hollows that become harborage sites of their own kind! Better act immediately and get down to serious business of casting those pests away before they cause severe damage.

In Eco Pro Pest Control, we comply with the highest industry standard and utilize the safest pest control management to get rid of carpenter ants effectively and efficiently. Rest assured that we will locate the nests, treat them accordingly and precisely to label requirements in order to safeguard your family and pets and alienate the extermination.

With our unparalleled expertise in exterminating carpenter ants, your home will only be available for human and pets, and never will be for pests. Schedule a free carpenter ants inspection with no obligation. Fill out our contact form or call us at 609-443-9100.

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