Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Services

With so much at stake like reputation, money and property to name a few, any business owner is willing to move heaven and earth to protect his or her investment. A big issue that concerns not just the owner, but also the employees and clients’ welfare are pests. Just the sound of it makes some edgy. Pests can be small in size. However, the danger that thousands of them can possibly do is a serious matter that deserves immediate action or regret at the end.

At Eco Pro Pest Control, we understand that every commercial environment needs unique and tailored solutions to remedy pest infestations. With years of relative experience in pest control NJ, we are dedicated to put an end to your problem by utilizing customized eco-friendly and human-safe effective solutions. Our licensed commercial pest control technicians are 24/7 ready even for emergency services.

Don’t let the pests trouble you for long. With our immediate and safe comprehensive strategies to eliminate every pest hiding and infesting in your commercial property, they won’t even have time to say goodbye. With our high standard pest control services, those niggling pests will get the treatment that they surely deserve. With Eco Pro Pest Control, no more pest will be a guest in your home, in your nest! We do this the best!

Schools and Day Care Pest Control Services

A major concern for a commercial environment like schools and day cares are children, whom we can’t risk to be exposed to harmful chemicals in pesticides. With safety as our topmost priority, our technicians are equipped with rigorous training and vast knowledge from being licensed in Integrated Pest Management techniques in schools. Rest assured that an effective program will be administered in accordance to IPM regulations, securing the well-being of every person within the vicinity.

Healthcare Pest Control Services

Nothing is as scrupulous as maintaining sanitation and cleanliness in health care facilities. Since a healthy and conducive environment is vital in patient’s well-being, pest management control should always be at the highest level of standard. Eco Pro Pest Control has zero tolerance for all pests. Considering the busy, crucial and significant healthcare operations, our pest management protocols are designed to carry out in discreet and efficient manner in order not to disrupt ongoing healthcare activities. Making healthcare facilities totally pest-free is our mission by enforcing Integrated Pest Management techniques appropriate for the said environment. With our pest control expertise, no pest will survive and no chance for re-infestation will occur.

Restaurant and Food Service Pest Control Services

The food service industry is one of the industries that require an effective pest control management system in order to stay and flourish in the business. More than just an issue to the restaurant’s reputation, the employees as well as customers’ health is at stake. Eliminating all pests in the area is an indication of a healthy and above par cleanliness management for the business. In Eco Pro Pest Control, a customized program is specifically designed to address the needs of the food service business while adhering to the local health codes. This type of pest control service is not limited to a single on-site inspection and treatment, but requires a partnership to maintain a zero pest environment. This partnership gives off the commercial brand protection, regular on-site inspection audits, pest prevention techniques, training for staff, etc. Contact us for our wide range of custom pest control service alternatives.


Each business is unique. Having said so, we at Eco Pro Pest Control incorporate Integrated Pest Management techniques—the golden rule in this pest control industry—in providing tailored pest control management for warehouses, distribution, logistical and other similar function facilities. With your needs and demands properly addressed, we also consider various factors such as geographical location, products stored, environmental issues and building in customizing effective and safe solution to end pests once and for all and eliminate any possibility of re-infestation.

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