Fleas Control


Flea is another blood-sucking parasite that also causes annoyance among homeowners, businessmen and pet owners. Fleas are often picked up by animals from another place and end up infesting in your home or commercial space. They often thrive on pets, hair, bedrooms, closets, luggage, bathrooms, clothing and carpets. Having them around in your premises doesn’t mean your house is filthy. It’s just that they found refuge easily by sticking any animal’s skin. They can conveniently come and go whenever they please. The moment you see them, you would want to get rid of them immediately and for good! Though vacuuming carpet significantly helps suck out fleas and their eggs, a professional treatment is needed to totally eliminate the culprits.

The trouble of having them around in your home is that fleas are carriers and transmitters of dangerous diseases and parasites. Fleas have the ability to survive even after being crushed aside from the fact that they are so elusive, jumping rapidly from one host to another. They feed off by biting their host and sucking out blood either from any animal or from humans, leaving a sore and itchy feeling on skin.

Fleas control is a must to prevent them from continuously endangering your family and pet’s health and even your business reputation. In Eco Pro Pest Control, we take care of the pest control NJ, professionally and effectively. No flea can ever live long than a second once we set foot in the premises. With our expertise gained from being a family-owned business situated in Hightstown, you will be given a fast, effective and customized flea control treatment that is environmentally-friendly and safe for humans and animals. Rest assured that we will do our job discreetly without impairing regular business’ operations. Putting an end to fleas’ infestation is not just our mission, but also to prevent those blood-suckers from coming back in your territory. We would share tips and advices in order for you to maintain a flea-free home or business space.

If fleas are a major eyesore and skin bothersome for your family and business, then take immediate action by dialling our number, 609-443-9100 and schedule a free inspection today!

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