Mice Rodent Control


Mice attack homes for warmth and food during fall and winter. Thus, mice control becomes an escalated concern among homeowners on these seasons. A mouse, a small warm-blooded mammal is characterized by having a pointed snout, small rounder ears and a long tail that is of the same length as their body. Mice can feed on anything and can adapt on any environment, a sign of having high-level of survival. Mice can grow in number all year-round, as early as they are six-weeks old. Without timely intervention, imagine how much their population can grow in your own dwelling. Unless you welcome their presence in your home, you might want to consider having mice rodent control.

Aside from high-pitched screams that you can occasionally hear when a mouse dashes across the room, there are other apparent signs of mice infestation in a home such as urine, droppings, nests, burrows, tracks, food scraps, dead mouse and gnawing marks on any surface. Just the sight of them either makes your blood boil or sends shiver down to your spine.


Mice just like other pests are dangerous for they carry bacteria and viruses that can cause severe diseases to human health. Aside from they steal food or take anything to be their own food, they may contaminate human and pet food left without supervision. The risks associated with these furry beasts infestation should send alarm to anyone. Fret no more. In Eco Pro Pest Control, we provide comprehensive mice rodent control, not just to kill those little gnawing intruders but also to properly collect and dispose their dead bodies. Rest assured that no mouse will ever want to visit you for we will also repair damaged structures, seal entryways and install door sweeps to keep your home zero mouse all year-round. Using the highest standards in the industry, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, we are dedicated to our commitment to give our clients effective customized pest control solution, permanently. Our professional and experienced pest control technicians will conduct sanitation, put strategically traps and baits and remove every entry point while ensuring optimal safety for your family and pets.

The security you will reap from health risks and property damages that those furry intruders can bring to your family is unquantifiable. For a competitive pricing, schedule a free inspection to get a free, no obligation estimate. Contact us today at 609-443-9100 to get started.

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