Rat Rodent Control


Most people often screech at the sight of the furry rats. These hairy, medium-sized built beasts are bigger than mice. Just like mice, rats are formidable disease and pathogens carriers that risk human health. Rats pick up parasites and other microorganisms when they linger in filthy and contaminated places. Among the common diseases that rats can transmit to humans and livestock animals are leptospirosis, spotted fever, polio, rabies, meningitis, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis (food poisoning), Lassa fever, and hanta virus. Aside from the health risk that rats can bring into the family, they also are annoying cause of damages to properties as visible to gnawing marks present to doors, in corners, in wall material and in stored materials. Seeing some mice at daytime means they are frantic to hunt for food. Spotting some during the day is an indication that your home has become a mice-populated spot.

Rats shouldn’t be underestimated. Rats are nocturnal and normally forage for food at night to avoid from predators. They have extraordinary sense of smell that is handy in locating food. On top of that, rats have instinctive cautiousness that makes them hard to kill. They are pretty smart in testing new bait that usually happens after a night or two. They nibble only some portions from the food and observe if something drastic happens to them. If it sickens them, then they will avoid such food. With proper pest control solution, no rat is too smart not to fall in the trap.


Since Eco Pro Pest Control operates locally, we have extensive knowledge about the characteristics and habits of most species found in New Jersey. Effective rat rodent control is necessary to stop those furry intruders from spreading diseases and endangering your family. The mere presence of mice in your home signals an immediate action.

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, our highly skilled technicians have gone through strict licensing standards in order to come up with customized effective pest control solution suitable in every client’s environment and condition. In Eco Pro, we handle rat rodent control professionally and on a timely-manner. Our staff will come to your place ahead of time, run a thorough inspection, conduct a consultation with the owner and perform the necessary treatment and procedures to totally eliminate mice out from your dwelling. Eco Pro Pest Control will not only get rid of these pesky intruders, but will also take down every possible entry points and food and water sources that draw them in.

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