Soil Ants Control

Soil Ants

More than annoyance than destructors, soil ants or often called as garden ants infest buildings in colonies. They often build colonies under a loose bark of trees, in holes of trees, and in any bird or animal nests. Soil ants have a liking on sweet food containing sugar or honey that makes them also called as sugar ants. Inside the home, they usually start infesting the kitchen and spread to rooms and showers. Once crushed, a soil ant gives off a gasoline-like odor.

For do-it-yourself fanatics, using a wrong home ants control may even worsen the scenario. You might end up having a doubled or tripled number of soil ants in no time! Imagine waking up with ants crawling everywhere near your bed or worse, on your leg! What a “sweet” way of waking up in a deep slumber!


Beating soil ants can be a daunting task considering the number of thousand or even millions of same kind to get rid of and ways to track their hard-to-find nest in the first place. In Eco Pro Pest Control, we have licensed and skilled technicians who have years of relative experience in eliminating colonies of soil ants. The most arduous undertaking is to find the actual colony that may be located as far as two blocks away, deep within the ground from the infested home. As soon as we find the colony, we will devise suitable soil ants control solution. With your family’s health as our topmost priority, rest assured that our products and methods used are harmless and environmentally-friendly. With our expertise, you will have the peace of mind that these pests have taken away from you for quite some time!

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