Termite Pest Control


Tagged as silent destroyer, termites are perilous insects that feed on any wood and plant material, from ceilings, walls, floors, furniture, shelves, books to even building’s foundation. What a great ability do termites have to cause a massive destruction? Termites can feed on wood non-stop, all day long and all year round. Consuming an average five grams of wood a day, a colony of termites can cause extensive damage to your property that can lead to weakened structures. If left untreated, it could only take months for a colony of termites to knock out any structure that they can feed upon. As a matter of fact, termites are widely known home wrecker in the Unites States, being accountable for billions of dollars worth of annual damage to properties as per record of the Unites States Department of Agriculture.

Just like any pest, termites seek food, warmth and moisture for their harborage site. Unfortunately, they find all of these in most homes nationwide. Oftentimes, homeowners are clueless that their abode is already infested with termites until it becomes too late. By being cautious of any presence of termite signs, you could be saving a lot of money in the long run. Since termites like to create hideaways beneath floorings and behind the walls, wood trims and sidings, check for sagging, deformed or hollowed doors and floors. Other indications of termite infestation are as follows: clear wings scattered on the ground, groups of termites flying in your home or near wooden structures, chipped painted wooden surface and mud tubes on walls. Immediate action should be administered once these signs are detected. Call for the help of Eco Pro Pest Control to save your hard-earned property.

Our licensed and skilled pest control technicians bring in years of relative experience in exterminating termites all over New Jersey. As part of our professional team, we have Credentialed Wood Destroying Inspectors who can efficiently infiltrate termite population in your own dwelling or commercial space. Offering two schemes for termite control, Eco Pro Pest Control can wipe out termites by using the traditional liquid treatment and baiting system, both of which are effective methods. No matter what your environment or condition is we will tailor our termites control services accordingly. Moreover, we will discuss suggested solution alternatives with you. Identifying and eliminating moisture sources within your home or commercial building facilitates in permanently getting rid of termite colonies.

Eco Pro Pest Control also offers wood repairs for those structures that are tremendously damaged by termite infestation. Secure your investment by having termite pre-treatment for newly constructed structures. It is never too late to conduct a home inspection. Call us now at 609-443-9100 to get your free termites control estimate.

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